Official Music Video of “Do Parole, the first single from Sud Sound Systems new album “Sta Tornu”

Director: Gabriele Surdo; Visual Consultant / Assistant Director: Alessandro Maria Polito; Dop / Editor / Colorist: Gabriele Surdo; Actress: Chiara Saurio; Costumes: ; Stop Motion Assistants: Lorenzo Manta, Emanuele Manta, Daniele Pratolini, Noemi Valletta; Gaffer: Stefano Tafuro; Runners: Luisella Sava, Niccolò Fortunato, Valerio Pasanisi, Sarah De Pascalis; Video Production: Yowau; Shoot and Edited @ BESAFE STUDIOS; ISRC: IT-50X-14-00001

MELTIN’POT “La Notte Della Taranta 2013″

“La Notte della Taranta” is the biggest and most important European folk festival and attracts hundred thousands visitors each year. Check it out!

Mettiti La Maschera – Erica Mou

Official Music Video of “Mettiti la Maschera, the first single from Erica Mou‘s new album “Contro le Onde” produced by Sugar

"Ricreazione Tour"/Teatro Verdi/Brindisi

Off-Stage with Malika Ayane ;)

I had the opportunity to spend time with her till she was ready to come on stage and hypnotize the audience! She is a great singer and a delightful person. Love her!


MELTIN’POT SS2013: My First Commercial :)

I’m happy to announce that Meltin’Pot SS2013 web video became a 30 sec commercial for a Sky campaign!


New Video for Carla G’s website!

Yowau Creative Audiovisual made the new Carla G web video for its Spring 2013 Collection.
Soundtrack: Sunshine by Gabriele Poso

My New Showreel. Watch, share and enjoy!

Hello Everyone, this is my new showreel with some of my last works. Hope you enjoy it and if you like it please feel free to share with your world! Take care! Gab

Negramaro, Sole by Gabriele Surdo

This is my music video for “Sole” by Negramaro

“A new day will come, a day when it will be easier to leave behind the filth of these days. From my anxieties I will find the strength for a new beginning, to find my new self. I will swim into Mother Nature’s amniotic fluid. I will be reinvigorated in spirit and mind and I will come back to life under the right star. And that day I won’t be alone.” G. Surdo.

Special thanks to Negramaro, my faithful right arm Gabriele Vizzi and to Paolo Vizzi, Daniele Coricciati, Barbara Meleleo, Flavio&Frank. Thanks also to all the Dreamers and the Swimmers who supported me in this project.

  • 1 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 2 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 3 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 4 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 5 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 6 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 7 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 8 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 9 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 10 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 11 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 12 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 13 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 14 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 15 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 16 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 17 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 18 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 19 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 20 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 21 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 22 Backstage Sigur Ros
  • 23 Backstage Sigur Ros

Negramaro, Sole by Gabriele Surdo… Enjoy The Backstage!

This is the amazing reportage of  my friend the photographer Daniele Coricciati. Enjoy!